2017-02-14 03:21:04 by GabrielNovakStudios

   Hey, y’all. I probably should’ve been more active in keeping you guys posted huh? Anywho, everything that’s changed for me in my life could be easily explained, but I feel like stretching on this topic and rambling about it for a while, SO THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I’M GOING TO FUCKING DO. Furthermore, let’s go over precisely what I’ve been doing for the past couple of months.

1.) School. If it’s not on the top of my priorities list, then I really don’t have a grip on my priorities. The point is I do school a lot, so it’s very difficult to find time to do much else. Whenever I can, I usually don’t use it working more, and I often want to relax when I find this time. I would like to change this, however, and begin to have some form of a regular schedule with my work, my play, and my studies. As soon as I’m finished getting my shit together, I’m sure it’ll be a great time, folks!

2.) Over these few months, I’ve really had a lot of time to contemplate my life and question where exactly it is I’m going. Time and time again, on and off, I fell into binges between depression and self-content (as odd as that may sound). I felt truly happy with how much I was beginning to accomplish in one hand, but in the other I also felt dreadful in that other avenues of my life seemed to close in on me and wear me down. One particular bit of news that really threw me over the edge in the beginning was me turning 18. It seemed like this catastrophic event that would control the rest of my life, but now I know I was just highly over-exaggerating and I’ll get through this stage of my life like many others have. That along with many other personal affairs that I’d rather not discuss, I’ve been alternating within misery for some time and I’ve been finding more happiness as I live on. Idk, I have my weird moments, but don’t we all? What these few months have taught me, however (if anything), is that the only reason why I think my life is falling apart and I have no direction is because I was making it that way. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the fact that I’m human, I’m imperfect, I don’t need to cling to things anymore like I used to, and I need to start being more active in sorting through my issues. I know this was a it personal, and I apologize for going into such depth about these topics. I just need to get these things off of my conscience, and deal with what comes to me day by day without feeling so worried about it all of the time. Time may pass, but we can make our time the best we possibly can meanwhile.

3.) I’ve made a bunch of music, and I’ve actually devoted a lot of time and energy into it. At first, it just acted as a pass time that I could fall into whenever I felt down or when I didn’t feel up to the task of drawing (especially before other news, which will come later). However, I ended up pouring so much time into it, that I COMPLETED 3 ALBUMS IN THE SPAN OF 3 MONTHS JUST LAST YEAR. THAT’S A LOT OF FUCKIN MUSIC, and you can find it if you’re really that willing to look around for it. I felt so inspired by the acts of vaporwave artists whom I’ve missed out on for quite some time, that I just sort of fell into it. For paying attention to that too much while neglecting my other art has also taken it’s toll, and I deeply apologize for doing this as well. Also, check out mah muzic, plz?

4.) In other news, I FINALLY GOT A BRAND NEW DRAWING TABLET! With it, I can begin to post art more frequently, as well as hopefully begin production on some cartoons at some point, maybe. I promise that I will try to make a real effort to at least contribute to my art pages slightly every month, if not week. I think I just really need to make myself centered and focused on this medium so that I can not only do the art in a consistent fashion, but also do it in a way that I truly enjoy it and I can love doing it. What’s the use in trying to draw cartoons, doodles, or abstract art if I don’t even feel for it? Oh, and I’ve practically started doing commissions already, so if you want to contact me for more information, message me anywhere you can find me or send me an email at: gabrielnovakstudios@gmail.com

I think that pretty much settles everything! I hope this explains a lot, and this won’t be the last you see from me. I’ll be actively improving my life to better that which gives my life meaning and purpose. No more will I wage wars within myself that I cannot win, and no longer will I let myself be swayed by false notions. Thank you all so much for listening and understanding as always, and I definitely look forward to posting more content as soon as I possibly can. Take care, see ya!


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