2013-04-20 13:37:58 by GabrielNovakStudios

As many of you might have seen from my profile, I'm composing the entire soundtrack to "Bloody Rose", a very kickass anime series. I've already put the theme song up on Newgrounds and soon be up on YouTube for all of you dumbasses who really love the website so much. Heh, anyway... For what it's worth, I know it's not the best theme for an anime you or I have ever heard. The sole purpose of the sorrowful and action like feelings from the song are the emotions that are expressed through he story of the series and the composition becoming it's very own theme song with help from me. Of coarse, however, I am not the creator of the series in any way. I am basically the series' promoter, a voice actor for the character Cilmo, as well as the musical composer (well, there will be other songs by other supporters, but I make the main ninematic orchestras and sounds), audio mixer, and sound effects composer. I will also help out with animation for the show, storyboarding and scriptwriting as well a these other jobs, so pretty much I've put a lot of work on myself... The official series creator is of the name Jazmin Hopkins and can be checked out here: Jazmin's Newgrounds

Ha! Funny, right?... Right?...... Ok.

Also, don't think that I'm not working on projects on my own because I most definitely am! I'm currently working on a surprise cartoon short that actually may be rather nostalgic to many viewers that like it. It's a parody of a very familiar cartoon that maybe a lot of you could remember. No spoilers, though, so just keep the thought in your heads that I'm currently working on projects still. Oh, and one more thing... If any of you want to help me whatsoever with anything going from animating to voice acting, please feel free to contact me ANYTIME you want and I may take it into consideration. I don't mind at all! If you really want to contact me, you can send me an email or contact me on my Skype (the ID is on my page here, so you can just use that as a spoiler)... Thanks for reading, and so long!


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