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Hey, I made a video a while ago about women's rights, feminism, and equality. It's not much, but it's at least something until I finish other projects (which will be coming very soon, hopefully heh). Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this for what it's worth, at least.

   Hey, y’all. I probably should’ve been more active in keeping you guys posted huh? Anywho, everything that’s changed for me in my life could be easily explained, but I feel like stretching on this topic and rambling about it for a while, SO THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I’M GOING TO FUCKING DO. Furthermore, let’s go over precisely what I’ve been doing for the past couple of months.

1.) School. If it’s not on the top of my priorities list, then I really don’t have a grip on my priorities. The point is I do school a lot, so it’s very difficult to find time to do much else. Whenever I can, I usually don’t use it working more, and I often want to relax when I find this time. I would like to change this, however, and begin to have some form of a regular schedule with my work, my play, and my studies. As soon as I’m finished getting my shit together, I’m sure it’ll be a great time, folks!

2.) Over these few months, I’ve really had a lot of time to contemplate my life and question where exactly it is I’m going. Time and time again, on and off, I fell into binges between depression and self-content (as odd as that may sound). I felt truly happy with how much I was beginning to accomplish in one hand, but in the other I also felt dreadful in that other avenues of my life seemed to close in on me and wear me down. One particular bit of news that really threw me over the edge in the beginning was me turning 18. It seemed like this catastrophic event that would control the rest of my life, but now I know I was just highly over-exaggerating and I’ll get through this stage of my life like many others have. That along with many other personal affairs that I’d rather not discuss, I’ve been alternating within misery for some time and I’ve been finding more happiness as I live on. Idk, I have my weird moments, but don’t we all? What these few months have taught me, however (if anything), is that the only reason why I think my life is falling apart and I have no direction is because I was making it that way. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the fact that I’m human, I’m imperfect, I don’t need to cling to things anymore like I used to, and I need to start being more active in sorting through my issues. I know this was a it personal, and I apologize for going into such depth about these topics. I just need to get these things off of my conscience, and deal with what comes to me day by day without feeling so worried about it all of the time. Time may pass, but we can make our time the best we possibly can meanwhile.

3.) I’ve made a bunch of music, and I’ve actually devoted a lot of time and energy into it. At first, it just acted as a pass time that I could fall into whenever I felt down or when I didn’t feel up to the task of drawing (especially before other news, which will come later). However, I ended up pouring so much time into it, that I COMPLETED 3 ALBUMS IN THE SPAN OF 3 MONTHS JUST LAST YEAR. THAT’S A LOT OF FUCKIN MUSIC, and you can find it if you’re really that willing to look around for it. I felt so inspired by the acts of vaporwave artists whom I’ve missed out on for quite some time, that I just sort of fell into it. For paying attention to that too much while neglecting my other art has also taken it’s toll, and I deeply apologize for doing this as well. Also, check out mah muzic, plz?

4.) In other news, I FINALLY GOT A BRAND NEW DRAWING TABLET! With it, I can begin to post art more frequently, as well as hopefully begin production on some cartoons at some point, maybe. I promise that I will try to make a real effort to at least contribute to my art pages slightly every month, if not week. I think I just really need to make myself centered and focused on this medium so that I can not only do the art in a consistent fashion, but also do it in a way that I truly enjoy it and I can love doing it. What’s the use in trying to draw cartoons, doodles, or abstract art if I don’t even feel for it? Oh, and I’ve practically started doing commissions already, so if you want to contact me for more information, message me anywhere you can find me or send me an email at:

I think that pretty much settles everything! I hope this explains a lot, and this won’t be the last you see from me. I’ll be actively improving my life to better that which gives my life meaning and purpose. No more will I wage wars within myself that I cannot win, and no longer will I let myself be swayed by false notions. Thank you all so much for listening and understanding as always, and I definitely look forward to posting more content as soon as I possibly can. Take care, see ya!

Gynk | Humanaturality (FULL ALBUM + DOWNLOAD)

2016-11-28 03:33:14 by GabrielNovakStudios

Check out this all new album, containing traces of electro house, disco tech, vaporwave, and synthwave inspired sounds! With this album, I really just wanted to delve into the potential that vaporwave and synthwave left, while still sticking to my house based roots and also focusing on the element of how humans affect the natural world around them (hence why it's called "humanaturality"). Plus, the video contains a link that will give you the whole album to download completely free of charge! That's right, no cost, and all of those nice and soothing A E S T H E T I C vibes to keep you going on in your life! Anywho, I hope you enjoy what I've done here! I certainly enjoyed making it, and it's very different from what I was trying to do before with my first album (which was point out industrialization and urbanization). Have a good one, and make sure to check out the album on Bandcamp below!


UPDATE: November 2016, News, Music, Voting, more.

2016-11-07 11:45:36 by GabrielNovakStudios

   I suppose you all want a big long update of everything I've missed, besides what I have on Twitter, YouTube, Newgrounds, Tumblr, really anywhere... Welp, I've been busy. Now, you may ask "What kind of busy?" or "Are you busy, truly?" Well, I have an answer for that. I've been non-stop working my ass off.

   If it's not school, it's my creative side. One major thing that I've forgotten to do for so long is really tap into my passion with creativity. In the sense of drawing, I haven't done that in a couple of weeks REALLY. I mean, I've drawn the stuff for the podcast and I did that painting recently, but I'm talking more about my cartoons. Believe me, when I get the time I WILL work on that stuff. There's never a moment when I'm not working, which leads me to my next bit of quick news.

   I'm coming out with my second electronic Gynk album, hopefully soon. It already has about nine tracks, five of which are vaporwave (I hope you like that, mem bois). The truth is, I have a very big passion in music, and I've been finding that now more than ever. Don't get me wrong, I love animation and would love to start doing it. Hopefully, I get to order that drawing tablet to be able to work with my computer. If that's the case, then there is still faith, my friends!

   Another thing I've done recently (since I turned 18, which btw thanks for the b-day wishes) is I registered to vote, I'm going to vote on Election Day (which is tomorrow as of today). Don't ask me who I'm voting for, because I'm not getting into a discussion about politics where it doesn't need to be spoken about. I try to make my art pages and such entirely fair and unbiased to others, so please respect my wishes and just don't ask. If you do ask, I will remove the comment. Idk, I'm excited about voting, though. xDD

   As of other affairs (since I'm a human being who likes to multitask and kill myself), I just recently finished and even rewatched BoJack Horseman. It's surprisingly heartbreaking and tragic, while also being really mature and weirdly funny. I highly recommend this show more than I've ever recommended any show ever. I'm serious, the series has substance to it! You'll love it, go check it out..

   Furthermore, I just can't get wait to back into a constant swing of things. I am absolutely exhausted from trying to get my shit caught up and everything else, but I promise that my art and other things are still very much so a priority for me. I love all of you guys a lot, like I don't even think you know what I mean by that. You all have been in incredible, and I can't thank you enough for all of the love you have shown me. It's been difficult trying to juggle everything, but at least I'm trying to do that, right? lmao Anyway, I'll see you guys later. Thanks again, really... <3


P.S. Catch our podcast! There’s a new one going to be released every weekend. An audio version will be posted right here on Newgrounds.


2016-11-01 16:00:44 by GabrielNovakStudios

We have just completed the first episode as of a few days ago. Make sure to check it out and leave a like if you enjoyed it!











Welcome to our new podcast, The Corkscrews, where we discuss things as trivial as we are. I'm your host with the less than most, GabrielNovakStudios. Included as my co-hosts are Ghost, Kerwinkle, and Granny. Let's uncork these issues from the source... This is just something I wanted to do on the side while I'm working on school and other stuff, just to sort of do something and get something out there for you guys to enjoy from us. heh I feel bad that I haven't really been able to post anything, but I'm hoping that this may bring a start to just that. Thanks for checking this out, and make sure to follow the links for the cast down below:
















2016-10-08 15:44:25 by GabrielNovakStudios

CONCEPT_ (THE FULL ALBUM) IS FINALLY OUT ON YOUTUBE! Why not think about checking it out? It's electronica, and it's super cool stuff.




After 6 years of passion and work, I have finally completed my first full length electronic album! Enjoy the many sounds of Concept_, and I hope you guys can grab a thing or two from this work that I dedicated so much time to. Thanks for checking it out, and again, I hope you enjoy. :)



INTRO (0:00)

1.) Intermediate (0:33)
2.) Nothin' (4:26)
3.) Dead of the Night (7:52)
4.) Memorea (12:56)
5.) Revival (17:36)
6.) Project 139302 (27:05)
7.) City Life (32:28)
8.) Space Hearts (38:21)
9.) Oppression (45:44)
10.) Nois Ance (52:05)
11.) Dynasty (58:25)
12.) Triumph (1:04:59)


I have to thank all of the people who have also helped me get to this point. Without you, I'd have nobody honestly.

NOTE: This is done merely as a hobby. I do not intend by any means to make revenue off of this content, and all samples are within their own respected rights. Thank you for your understanding.



Recently, I’ve been thinking if I want to work on my adult cartoon Clide and Leo first, or if I want to finish the kids show pilot of Jackie Simple and possibly submit it to a network. What do you guys think I should do?

If y'all wanna see the work I've made in the past or really just cartoons and music, then perhaps my main YouTube channel can be found somewhere (approximately here):

Now please... Don't shot the messenger, amirite?! lmao

   I'm not going to lie to you guys, this month has been rough... Well, I got to do some cool things like hang out with one of my friends on the fourth of July and stuff, which actually in a sense made part of this month fun along with some other things with longtime friends and such. And I finished my online classes, almost acing all of them (which is good, I'm actually doing good in school now lol). The thing is, though, I'm really in a place where I've needed to reevaluate a lot of shit in my life. This is a bad month for our family for a couple of reasons.

   Before July, we were having the time of our lives. We had gotten to go see Sea World in San Diego, along with cruising the entire coastline along the docks. The trip was remarkable and breathtaking, as we never get to do anything like this very much. We were swimming at the beaches along San Diego, as well as in Santa Monica and around LA, as well as Del Mar. The waves were so soothing and serene, and we all (the seven of us, including my older brother) got to have the absolute time of our lives. The truly sad and honestly eye-opening thing I've ever seen is a baby humpback whale dying on Santa Montica Beach, and there was nothing they could do to help it. Overall, though, we got to really enjoy our time there and truly soak in the entire beauty of the sea. It became painful when they came back just for us to say goodbye no even two days later.

   Afterwards, the thing that unhinged me the most was my little sister's birthday and reminiscing when the three kids were here. We can't see them for longer than a month throughout months every year, and being apart from those kids almost feels like being without parts of my soul. You know, for the longest time I thought the one thing I wanted to do was get rid of them, but now it's like I want them here more than anything else in the world. I'm partially drained by them being gone, and it probably explains my sudden return to procrastination.

   The 21st of this month is when my mom died exactly two years ago, and it's still so painful I can't even describe the feeling in words. Wounds like that do eventually heal, but they leave behind scar tissue that always acts as a faint reminder. Regardless, I've almost found peace with the reality of it, as I have to believe that she isn't truly gone. In fact, I think she's probably proud of how far I've come. I could do more to get better, but nevertheless she would still love all of us the same and I want to make her proud. I no longer want to be upset and hurt by her absence, because maybe she's right here with us everyday and we would never know.

   Despite every single one of these facts, however, I have really started to actualize a great deal of my life, and I feel that I'm the one in control now. No matter what I may have failed to do in the past due to everything stopping me, now I feel that there is nothing that can stand in my way. It's funny how once you take it from life for years that you begin to stop giving as much of a care for certain things that don't matter to you. haha More than anything, though, I have learned much and I've already come this far. What's stopping me from constantly becoming a better person every single day?

   I love each an every one of you, but if you're in any sort of rutt or you feel like you have nowhere to turn to, I want you to do something for me. I want you guys to all find at least one truly redeemable quality within yourselves, and you can even comment it if you really feel like sharing it. Then, make a list of things that you want to promise yourself. These can be general statements or really anything you wish to accomplish with your life, but these have to be things that you are willing to solidify and keep on top of. That list right there is the very start to your mission statement, and the rest is all up to you. Map out your lives, and make them the absolute best that you possibly can.

   Thank you all so much for reading, I appreciate the fuck out of everybody who's always supporting my work and promoting me. Honestly, you all mean the fucking world to me, and I would be nothing that I am today without any of of you. I also intend to work on that animated pilot I've been blabbing about, so look out for more stuff involving that as soon as I'm able to get my shit together and create a little sneak peek for all of you maybe? Idk, but hopefully there'll be more art coming soon along with some new tunes, so stay "tooned" folks. And HOLY SHIT, THE SUPPORT THAT I'VE BEEN GETTING FROM FRIENDS AND FANS ABOUT JACKIE SIMPLE ALONG WITH A LOT OF MY NEWER ART HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY AWESOME, AND I JUST WANT Y'ALL TO KNOW HOW MUCH YOU TRULY MEAN TO ME. I love you guys so much, and you'll hear from me in due time.